Finnerty Adds Simon Ferguson to the Steelers Line Up

The Sheffield Steelers have confirmed the signing of Simon Ferguson.

Ferguson has played 335 American Hockey League games and will arrive in Sheffield once his working visa has been approved.

Head coach Ryan Finnerty confirmed the signing saying "We have only been carrying 10 imports this season and have always had the option to bring an 11th in.

"Also with the NHL situation we didn't want to get caught should the NHL return to work and Tom Sestito leave us. We would then have been chasing a new player to replace him and have competition for signings from every team in Europe.

"Simon Ferguson is the perfect signing for us. He is hungry to come into a situation and play out the year. He is a hard working, hard nosed player who will bring a great work ethic and style of play to our team. I see him in the mould of a Tylor Michel. He is another that will intensify and energise to the side

"He will add offence but more importantly add to what we already have here as another very good, very solid hockey player. He is a perfect fit and has a great hockey resume with much top quality experience. I can't wait to have him available and to work with him.

"Simon has been signed for over a week now and we are well underway with his visa paperwork. Im hoping that within a week to 10 days he will be here with us"

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