Mark Thomas Wins £3988 on the 50/50

The Steelers set a new Elite League 50-50 record on Thursday with an incredible prize of £3988

One Steelers was happier than most as it was announced that Mark Thomas had the winning ticket

The Steelers players put over £150 into the draw with Thomas buying £20 worth before the game

"I honestly didn't think that Simmsey put our tickets in the draw" said Thomas "We have been buying them off him for almost two years now"

"When I heard I'd won i didn't quiet think it was true, i thought people were joking with me. I went out for the next shift and we got scored on"

Team mate Jason Hewitt presented Thomas with his prize "All the guys have a go on the draw, why it had to be him that won it is beyond me

"We still won't get a drink out of him mind you"