New Title Sponsor for the Steelers

The Sheffield Steelers have agreed a new title sponsorship package with Sheffield Window Centre, the long term sponsors of the Sheffield Tigers Speedway team.

Sheffield Window Centre joined the Steelers commercial partners mid way through last season and have increased their involvement this coming season to take over as the clubs title sponsor.

Steelers owner Tony Smith welcomed the news saying "we are delighted to welcome Sheffield Window Centre back with us and now in this new increased capacity. I think we all recognise the great involvement they have had with the Tigers over many years and early indications are that they would welcome a similar arrangement with us here at the Arena. I think it's another great example of how local business have supported the club in the recent past. Sponsors see how hard we work in trying to promote them and their products. It's nice that they see us a vehicle they can work with in pushing forward their brands"

Director of Sheffield Window Centre, Ian Hunter Jnr, said "I was one of those many Steelers fans years ago that moved away from the sport. Then last season I came back and was blown away by how exciting it was and how committed both the players on the ice and the fans off the ice were. I was also very impressed how many local business were using the Steelers to promote themselves and how the club pushed their sponsors and partners at every opportunity.

"Over the years we have had an incredible partnership with the Sheffield Tigers and that will continue. We see many similarities in the Tigers and the Steelers. A loyal fan base of long time supporters committed to their team. We have found that the Tigers supporters have then supported us at Sheffield Window Centre as they recognise our involvement with their team. I see the same long term aims and ambitions here with the Steelers. The seasons run with the Steelers from September to late March when the Speedway takes over and takes us back to September again. This is a perfect fit for us on many levels

"We see a great future for the Steelers and to be joining them at this time is exciting for us. There seems a huge surge in support for the club in Sheffield and the surrounding area's, this is where we do business and want to do more. We can't wait to work closely with the club promoting both them and ourselves"

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