Specsavers Return as Penalty Box Sponsors

Steelers head coach Ryan Finnerty has needed a sharp eye this summer recruiting his new team for the Elite League Season

So it was a good time for a check up when he stopped off at Steelers Sponsors Specsavers in Worksop on Wednesday to meet Store Director Richard Bevan

Specavers stores at Worksop and Crystal Peaks have once again confirmed their support of the club next season by sponsoring the visiting teams penalty box at the Motorpoint (Sheffield) Arena

“It was good to hook with Ryan again” said Richard “we have enjoyed our relationship with the Steelers over the years. He gave me a few ideas on what he was planning next year and I gave him a quick once over to make sure he spooted a good player when he saw one”

Finnerty agreed “All the guys get tested here. In fact we have booked the two goalies DeCaro and Woolhouse in already for August, you cant be too careful”

Steelers owner Tony Smith confirmed “Our relationship with Specsavers is established and seems to grow stronger every year. We all work well together, their assistance to us is invaluable and we try as hard as we can to help promote their business in return

“We welcome Specsavers back with open arms and ask our fans to support all our sponsors  where at all possible”