We are very aware that most people have no formal financial education. Schools have only just started teaching a few basics about money and so most people have big gaps in their knowledge. Parents do not tend to teach their children about money either and so most of the learning that we do is down to our own reading. This if us that do not easily read about finance could find this hard going and not a very attractive prospect. This is something that we want to change. Therefore, we decided to put together this website with all sorts of information about money. We have decided the best way is to have some short articles which are easy to understand and provide some information that will be of interest to most people. We hope that this will start everything thinking about money and that they will then be more interested in finding out even more and learning all of the things that they need. There is a lot to learn and looking at this website could be the first step towards financial freedom. Hopefully they will then be able to feel more in control and know what decisions to make and how to make the most of their money.